Collaborative Letterpress Project

This was a collaboration piece of a 5 person team. The team included Abbie, Wiley, Mike, Christina and myself. We brainstormed ideas and presented them to a board. The board narrowed down the choice to this project. We designed 6 patterns based on Wisconsin poisonous plants. Each journal has information about the plan on the back. We went 2 rounds of revisions. Once approved we started production of the journals. They were all letter pressed using two overprinted pantone colors. As a team we saddle stitched, trimmed, and assembled the journal sets. These were placed for sale at the Madison College Center for Printed Arts ‘Printers Wonderland’ end of semester sale that was held in the Madison College Truax Campus Gallery. The sale was a week long. Inside the gallery we had to design our own space. We took our tag typography and made a two color vinyl cutout. In total we had 2 sets of journals with 75 pieces each. In the process we learned how to set up files for letterpress, fill out a cost sheet, present ideas, work with a client to make revisions, saddle stitch, trim, assemble, problem solve, set up a display, and work with vinyl. 


  • Cost Sheets
  • Letterpress
  • Collaboration
  • Illustration
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation